Lars Andersen
You can write or call me if you ever need a nature guide, lectures, teaching, tutor, macro photography, etc. into the lepidopterologi (knowledge of butterflies).

d. 29 september 2016

Lars Andersen
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Lars Andersen, født i 1955. Har kikket på sommerfugle siden 1968. Det år var jeg i praktik hos en konservator i Dageløkke vest for Humlebæk i Nordsjælland. Har fotograferet sommerfugle siden 1982.



Have many years of experience with field monitoring of butterflies / lepidopterologi in Denmark, Europe and as far away as Nepal and Bolivia. Having built up knowledge on the behavior of butterflies, habitat evaluations photo documentation and registration with GPS coordinates.

Professional skills
GPS registration
Habitat Evaluation
Photo Registration
Proper without being politically strategic

I always think that it pays to contribute to the biological debate with professional, correct information.

The advantage to give a high profile, correct information rather than political opportunism is that one can keep themselves free of the widespread trenching between the political spectrum. This is essential not to get mixed ideology and information together.

In the long run, it is also the only opportunity to promote a wide political agreement on nature, which is necessary if biodiversity should not be throwing the ball from government to government.

Personalized skills
Is accustomed to working with others.
Is targeted for solving the tasks.
Do butterflies identification characteristics.
Teach. Lecture.
Works with all academic into of the butterflies' world;
2016 - Has been associated with the new biological company "Natur360 " as a partner. As is a company with great expertise in nature and outdoor activities. We have experience in broadly all corners of nature - whether it is on the use or protection, dissemination or management, consulting or development. Natur360 employees. Naturcenter Vestamager, Amager. d. 17 June 2016. Photographer; Lars Andersen
2013 - 2015 Was in DEF as an umbrella organization for the Danish Entomological Society, was contact person for butterflies such as; Large Chequered Skipper, Pearl-bordered Fritillary & Lesser Purple Emperor. My collaboration with DEF has ended may 31, 2015. Ilia, Apatura ilia han. Pinseskoven, Vestamager, Danmark d. 13/7 2012. Fotograf: Lars Andersen
2013 Biomedia is a consulting firm that works naturen. Natur- and environmental monitoring, conservation and restoration. Where I work with insect monitoring on Amager Fælled in 2013. Cikorieugle, Heliothis viriplaca, Amager Fælled, Amager d. 5 August 2013. Fotograf; Lars Andersen
2012 Amphi Consult is a national consulting firm specializing in conservation and restoration. Where I registered Marsh Fritillary in 2012. Hedepletvinge, Euphydryas aurinia. (Rottemburg, 1775). Hindbærvej på skydebane nord for Knasborg Å, Aalbæk d. 3 juni 2012. Fotograf;  Lars Andersen
2004 Naturcenter Vestamager see us on facebook. Where I taught techniques on how you look at butterflies, behavior etc. Pinseskoven, Amager. d. 10 august 2004. Fotograf: Lars Andersen
1988 Has worked for Ib Schmedes in La Gaude, Provence in southern France. With Eco Musee Vivant  / "La Coupole" a living museum of Provence's wildlife. Adam Schmedes indsamler matriale til en af hans naturfilm, Naturcenter Vest,Amager 7/8 - 2003
1978 - 1983 Illustrator; I have also helped to draw illustrations in 'Danish moths' by Michael Fibiger & Poul Svendsen, Scandinavian Science Press Ltd. 1981, 'Nordic Geometridae' by Peder Skou, Apollo Books 1984. 'Northern Europe Pyralidae' by Eivind Palm, Fauna Books 1986. illustration fra Nordens Målere af Lars Andersen, Forfatter: Peder Skouillustration fra Nordens Målere af Lars Andersen, Forfatter: Peder Skou
Other qualifications
2003 - 2015; administrator of the largest privately owned website about Danish butterflies with gallery, habitats, living patterns and range. The website is used as a reference source and reference work in teaching and research projects. Snerlesværmer på Floks i vores lille kolonihave i H/F Vennelyst. d. 4 september 2005, kl: 20.54 Fotograf: Lars Andersen
2009 - 2015; website on nature photography. Where I am member of the board. Peter Borch, Lars Halkjær, Steen Drozd Lund, Henrik Just, Jens Stolt, Jimmy Lassen, Tubas Løkkegaard, John Nielsen, Troells Melgaard, Jørgen Dam, Peter Vindis, Lars Andersen, Hans Gønget, Ruth Alhburg, Bjarne Eskelund, Aynia Brennan, John Strange Petersen, Helle Krogsgaard, Kim Rosenvinge Petersen, Frank Joe Hansen, Rune Bjerre + Jan Fischer Rasmussen og Rasmus Holmboe Dahl som ikke er med på fotoet, de blev lidt forsinket, d. 1/5 2010.
2009 - 2015 Photography; In the earlier years when I was less experienced as butterflies photographer, documenting I just like seeing out there through photography.

In recent years I have started to get some expertises around macro butterfly photography, where I have acquired some methods into action and handheld stacking, photographing flying butterflies etc. Which are expertises that I have experimented myself to.

Photography has nothing to do with the reproducing things. A camera is a tool to create new works of art. Art is an expression of the imagination. The imagination is how you see things differently from others.

Skogsnätfjäril, Melitaea athalia. Loftahammar, Småland, Sverige. d. 8 Juli 2010. Fotograf: Lars Andersen


Lars Andersen on Jatata inn hotel, Caranavi, Yungas d. 18 januar 2010. Photographer Lars Andersen

Lars Andersen on Jatata inn Hotel, Caranavi, Yungas, Bolivia January 2010.
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Svalehale, Papilio machaon han og Lars Andersen. Amager Fælled. d. 16 juli 2011. Fotograf: Jan Fischer Rasmussen

Swallowtail, Papilio machaon male and Lars Andersen.
Amager Fælled 16 july 16, 2011. Photographer; Jan Fischer Rasmussen