Norna, Oeneis norna, (Thunberg,1791). Gurttejohka / Lullehacorru Rr 272A, Jukkasjärvi. Tornetrask nordbred, Sverige 4 juli 2008. Fotograf: Lars Andersen

Butterflies from Scandinavia; Denmark - Sweden - Norway and Finland.

first update d. 18  January - 2014

last update  d. 9 October - 2018

Scandinavia includes Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Åland Islands are part of northern Europe. It has been found 142 species butterflies with few immigration species from the south and east. It is very rare that there is migration from the west as the North Sea and the Atlantic is a difficult hurdle to pass. Scandinavia contains several climatic zones, with deciduous forests and grasslands in the south, coniferous forests and swamps midway, mountains and rocky coastlines in the west and tundra in the north where summer is very short and some years absent.

Butterflies - Rhopalocera

Obtectomera Minet, 1986 12 superfamilies
Superfamily Papilionoidea, Latreille, 1802 Dagsommerfugle (97/99*)

Swallowtail - Papilionidae -  (Scandinavia; 4. Denmark; 4. Sweden; 4. Norway; 3. Finland; 4)

Bredpander - Hesperiidae (10)

Spættebredpander Pyrginae
Gråbåndet Bredpande Erynnis tages (Linnaeus, 1758)
Spættet Bredpande Pyrgus malvae (Linnaeus, 1758)
Fransk Bredpande Pyrgus armoricanus (Oberthür, 1910)
Skærbredpande Pyrgus serratulae (Rambur, 1839) 1909 træk
Guldbredpander Heteropterinae
Sortplettet Bredpande Carterocephalus silvicola (Meigen, 1829) 1941 - ny
Spejlbredpande Heteropterus morpheus (Pallas, 1771) 2011 - ny
Græsbredpander Hesperiinae
Stregbredpande Thymelicus lineola (Ochsenheimer, 1808)
Skråstregbredpande Thymelicus sylvestris (Poda, 1761)
Kommabredpande Hesperia comma (Linnaeus, 1758)
Stor Bredpande Ochlodes sylvanus (Esper, 1777)
Bestemmelsenøgle over de skandinaviske bredpander!


Skippers - Hesperiidae -  (Scandinavia; 14. Denmark; 10. Sweden; 12. Norway; 10. Finland; 9)

Dingy Skipper Erynnis tages (DK - N - S)
Alpine Grizzled Skipper Pyrgus andromedae (N - S - FIN)
Northern Grizzled Skipper Pyrgus centaureae (N - S - FIN)
Grizzled Skipper Pyrgus malvae (DK - N - S - FIN)
Oberthur's Grizzled Skipper Pyrgus armoricanus (DK - S )
Large Grizzled Skipper Pyrgus alveus (N - S - FIN)
Olive Skipper Pyrgus serratulae (DK immigration)
Large Chequered Skipper Heteropterus morpheus (DK - S - FIN)
Chequered Skipper Carterocephalus palaemon (N - S - FIN)
Northern Chequered Skipper Carterocephalus silvicola (DK - N - S - FIN)
Essex Skipper Thymelicus lineola (DK - N - S - FIN)
Small Skipper Thymelicus sylvestris (DK)
Large Skipper Ochlodes sylvanus (DK - N - S - FIN)
Silver Spotted Skipper Hesperia comma (DK - N - S - FIN)

Skippers - Hesperiidae -  (Scandinavia; 14. Denmark; 10. Sweden; 12. Norway; 10. Finland; 9)

Spættet Bredpande, Pyrgus malvae. Råbjerg mose d. 9 juni 2006. Fotograf: Lars AndersenSpættet Bredpande, Pyrgus malvae, f. taras. Røsnæs d. 4 Maj 2007. Fotograf: Lars AndersenFransk Bredpande, Pyrgus armoricanus. Røsnæs, Vestsjælland. d. 15 august 2005. Fotograf: Lars AndersenFransk Bredpande, Pyrgus armoricanus. Røsnæs, Vestsjælland. d. 4 Maj 2007. Fotograf: Lars AndersenSkærbredpande, Pyrgus serratulae. Oberammergau i det sydlige Tyskland  d. 1 juli 2011. Fotograf; Helle Krogsgaard.Skærbredpande, Pyrgus serratulae. Cortignac, Provence. Maj 1987. Fotograf: Lars Andersen
Grizzled Skipper Oberthur's Grizzled Skipper Olive Skipper
Pyrgus malvae Pyrgus armoricanus Pyrgus serratulae

Multebærbredpande, Pyrgus centaureae han. Paddu, Abisko d. 29 Juni 2008. Fotograf: Lars AndersenMultebærbredpande, Pyrgus centaureae hun. Abisko, Torne Lappmark, Sverige. d. 29 juni 2006. Fotograf: Daniel DolfeFjeldbredpande, Pyrgus andromedae han. Bihppas, Sapmi/Lappland, Sverige. d. 3 juli 2008. fotograf: Lars AndersenFjeldbredpande, Pyrgus andromedae hun. Bihppas, Sapmi/Lappland, Sverige. d. 2 juli 2008. fotograf: Lars AndersenSoløjebredpande, Pyrgus alveus. Kapelludden, Gotland, Sverige. d. 8 juli 2004. Fotograf: Daniel DolfeSoløjebredpande, Pyrgus alveus. Kapelludden, Gotland, Sverige. d. 6 juli 2004. Fotograf: Daniel Dolfe

Northern Grizzled Skipper Alpine Grizzled Skipper Large Grizzled Skipper
Pyrgus centaureae Pyrgus andromedae Pyrgus alveus

Gråbåndet Bredpande, Erynnis tages. Melby overdrev, d. 31 maj 2006. Fotograf: Lars AndersenSpejlbredpande, Heteropterus morpheus hun. d. 19 juli 2011 på Falster. Fotograf: Tubas LøkkegaardSortplettet Bredpande, Carterocephalus silvicola han. Storskov v. Søholt (Maribo), Lolland. 25  Maj 2010. Fotograf: Lars Andersen Gulplettet Bredpande, Carterocephalus palaemon. Tanumshede, Bohuslån. Sverige. 12 juni 2007. Fotograf: Daniel Dolfe

Dingy Skipper Large Chequered Skipper Northern Chequered Skipper Chequered Skipper
Erynnis tages Heteropterus morpheus Carterocephalus silvicola Carterocephalus palaemon

Stor Bredpande, Ochlodes venatus han kan kendes fra hunnen på duftskælsstriben på forvinge overside. Farum d. 13 juni 2004. Fotograf: Lars AndersenKommabredpande, Hesperia comma han. Alvaret, Öland, Sverige d. 24 Juli 2009. Fotograf: Lars AndersenStregbredpande, Thymelicus lineola, han. Stoubæk Krat d. 19 Juli 2010. Fotograf; Lars AndersenSkråstregbredpande, Thymelicus sylvestris, han. Stoubæk Krat d. 19 Juli 2010. Fotograf; Lars Andersen

Large Skipper Silver Spotted Skipper Essex Skipper Small Skipper
Ochlodes sylvanus Hesperia comma Thymelicus lineola Thymelicus sylvestris

Whites - Pieridae - (Scandinavia; 16. Denmark; 11. Sweden; 14. Norway; 13. Finland; 16)

Blue - Lycaenidae -  (Scandinavia; 38. Denmark; 25/27. Sweden; 32. Norway; 23. Finland; 28)

Metalmarks - Riodinidae -  (Scandinavia; 1. Denmark; 1. Sweden; 1. Norway; 0. Finland; 0)

Brush-footed butterflies - Nymphalidae - (Scandinavia; 69. Denmark; 45. Sweden; 60. Norway; 49. Finland; 58)


Denmark = DK immigration = im
Norway = N extinct =
Sweden = S import = imp
Finland = FIN introduced = int


In Scandinavia observed approximately: 142 species of butterflies
Sweden observed approximately: 123 species of butterflies
Finland observed approximately: 115 species of butterflies
Norway observed approximately: 98 species of butterflies
Denmark observed approximately: 97 species of butterflies

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