Norna, Oeneis norna, (Thunberg,1791). Gurttejohka / Lullehacorru Rr 272A, Jukkasjärvi. Tornetrask nordbred, Sverige 4 juli 2008. Fotograf: Lars Andersen

Butterflies from Scandinavia; Denmark - Sweden - Norway and Finland.

first update d. 18  January - 2014

last update  d. 2 February - 2014

Scandinavian Landscape; includes Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Åland Islands are part of northern Europe. It has been found 142 species butterflies with few immigration species from the south and east. It is very rare that there is migration from the west as the North Sea and the Atlantic is a difficult hurdle to pass. Scandinavia contains several climatic zones, with deciduous forests and grasslands in the south, coniferous forests and swamps midway, mountains and rocky coastlines in the west and tundra in the north where summer is very short and some years absent.


Lokalitet for Grønåret kålsommerfugl og Gulplettet ugle. Amagerbrogade 217, Østamager d. 16 August 2008. Fotograf: Lars Andersen

Cultural Landscape; is characterized by human activities. It is land that ruderal habitats, roadsides, cultivated fields, gardens and parks. As found everywhere in Scandinavia. However, less common in northern Scandinavia, as the climate is harder on cultivated land.

Lucernemark på det sydlige Stevns, Sjælland, Danmark d. 17 oktober 2009. Fotograf: Lars Andersen

Cultivated fields; disturbed land, ruderal, cultivated fields with Cabbage, Rape, Sennerp, Lucerne and Clover fields.

En have langs Dyssen bag Kløvermarksvej, Amager. Fotograf; Lars Andersen

Gardens; with Butterfly Bush, Common Michaelmas Daisy, Pelargonium, Snowcap, Common Vervain, Indian Cress, Ox-eye Daisy, Gentian Sage, Thyme, Lantana, Nettle, Common Hop, Giant Goldenrod, Loganberry and Cherry Plum can be seen common butterflies.

Lille Kålsommerfugl hun. Krinsen, Kongens Nytorv, København d. 5 september 2013. Fotograf; Lars AndersenAlmindelig Blåfugl, Polyommatus icarus. Pyrolysegrunden, Raffinaderivej, Amager d. 1 August 2009. Fotograf: Lars AndersenNældens Takvinge, Aglais urticae. H/F Prøvestenen, Amager d. 18 April 2008. Fotograf: Lars AndersenGræsrandøje, Maniola jurtina han. Pinseskoven, Amager. d. 28 juni 2013. Fotograf: Lars Andersen

There are butterflies such as; Essex Skipper, Large White, Small White, Small Blue, Holly Blue, Brown Argus, Common Blue, Small Copper, White Letter Hairstreak, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Comma and Meadow Brown.

Orange høsommerfugl, Colias croceus og Gul høsommerfugl, Colias hyale. Stevns, Sydsjælland, Danmark 15 Oktober 2009. Fotograf:  Lars A. KroghGul høsommerfugl, Colias hyale. Stevns, Sydsjælland, Danmark 15 Oktober 2009. Fotograf:  Lars A. KroghAdmiral, Vanessa atalanta. Lil. Salby, Køge. d. 1 September 2007. Fotograf: Lars AndersenTidselsommerfugl, Vanessa cardui. Bøtø diget, Falster, Danmark 7 august 2011. Fotograf: Lars Andersen

In the Cultural Landscape of southern Sweden and Denmark there are immigrant butterflies such as; Eastern Bath White, Pale Clouded Yellow, Clouded Yellow, Queen of Spain Fritillary, Red Admiral and Painted Lady.


Lokalitet for Sortplettet bredpande, Carterocephalus silvicola. Storskov v. Søholt (Maribo), Lolland. 24 Maj 2009. Fotograf: Lars Andersen

Deciduous Forest; with Meadows and Swamp are part of central Europe which is found from the Pyrenees and the Alps in the north to the south of Denmark and Sweden. In Denmark and southwestern Sweden is characterized by mild rainy winter where it rarely drops below freezing. In deciduous forests are Goat Willow, White Willow, Elm, Ash, Aspen, Lime, Hazel, Walnut, Elder, Oak, Sweet Chestnut, Spindle, Buckthorn, Blackthorn, Wild Cherry and Hawthorn.

Skovrandøje, Pararge aegeria han. Horreby Lyng, Falster.  d. 31 juli 2011. Fotograf: Lars AndersenArgynnis (Argynnis) paphia (Linnaeus, 1758) female, f. valesina. Ganneskov. d 12 juli 2011. Photographer; Lars AndersenBlåhale, Quercusia quercus han. Valby Hegn.  15 juli 2006. Fotograf: Kaj DahlHvid Admiral, Limenitis camila. Kongelunden, Amager d. 1 Juli 2009. Fotograf: Lars Andersen

Deciduous Forest are butterflies such as; Large Chequered Skipper, Large Skipper, White Letter Hairstreak, Purple Hairstreak, Silver Washed Fritillary, Map Butterfly, Peacock, Heath Fritillary, Purple Emperor, Lesser Purple Emperor, White Admiral, Speckled Wood and Ringlet.


Stoubæk Krat med tæt underbevoksning af Almindelig Kohvede, Melampyrum pratense  d. 19 Juli 2010. Fotograf; Lars Andersen

Oak scrub; Found in Jutland and Southern Sweden, where the soil is poor in nutrients, has formed oak scrub with multiple stems, gnarled, low and creeping trees. In the light and open undergrowth grow Common Cow-wheat, Small Cow-wheat and various grasses such as Creeping Soft Grass.

Egesommerfugl, Satyrium ilicis. Hagstorp Nationalpark, Skåne. d. 12/7 2012. Fotograf: Lars AndersenBrun Pletvinge, Melitaea athalia  Hagtorps, Sandhammaren, Skåne 19 juni 2010. Fotograf: Lars AndersenPerlemorrandøje, Coenonympha arcania. Dalhems, Sverige. 4 juli 2006. Fotograf: Lars Andersen

Contains rare butterflies such as; Ilex Hairstreak, Heath Fritillary & Pearly Heath.


Lokalitet for Mørk Pletvinge & Engperlemorsommerfugl. Børstingerød Mose,Nordsjælland. d. 25 Juni 2013. Fotograf: Lars Andersen

Wood Meadows; As neither plowed or sown. Grasses are the dominant with a variety of flowering plants and shrubs. There may be gently grazing and hay harvesting in late summer. The wood meadows and clearings grow Garlic Mustard, Marsh Thistle, Tufted Vetch, Common Sorrel, Valeriana, Yellow Meadow-rue, Meadowsweet, Nettle and various sedges and grasses.

Grønåret Kålsommerfugl, Pieris napi. Stenholts indelukket d. 15 maj 2006. Fotograf: Lars AndersenVioletrandet Ildfugl. Lycaena hippothoe. han. Brandbjerg-Kulhuse d. 27 juni 2010. Fotograf: Lars AndersenEngperlemorsommerfugl, Brenthis ino. Gyllebo, Simrishamn, Skåne, Sverige. d. 17 juni 2007. Fotograf: Lars AndersenHerorandøje, Coenonympha hero. Ralderängarna, Sverige d.  21 juni 2006. Fotograf: Daniel Dolfe

Here flying butterflies as: Orange Tip, Green Veined White, Brimstone, Amanda's Blue, Scarce Copper, Purple Edged Copper, Lesser Marbled Fritillary, Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary, False-heath Fritilary and Scarce Heath.


Lokalitet for Sortbrun blåfugl, Aricia artaxerxes, ssp.: horkei. Mittlandsskogen, Öland, Sverige. d. 15 juli 2007. Fotograf: Troells Melgaard

Calcareous Meadows; where hazel bushes felled for firewood and fence, and moderet grazed by cattle. With an herbal rich undergrowth with Primroses, Strawberry, Cinquefoil and Bird-in-a-Bush. Located best on calcareous and limestone soils.

Mnemosyne han som er mærket af Erland Lindblad. Ronneby, Blekinge. d. 26 maj 2007. Fotograf: Lars AndersenSlåensommerfugl / Busksnabbvinge, Satyrium pruni hun. Åvarps fälad, fuktängen, Skåne, Sverige d. 28 Juni 2009. Fotograf: Lars AndersenGullvivefjäril, Hamearis lucina. Bäckebo, Småland, Sverige. d. 25 Maj 2008. Fotograf: Lars AndersenMørk Pletvinge, Melitaea diamina hun. Stigsåkra, Skåne,.Sverige d. 20 juni 2012. Fotograf; Lars Andersen

Contains butterflies such as; Grizzled Skipper, Clouded Apollo, Black Hairstreak, Duke of Burgundy Fritillary, High Brown Fritillary and False-heath Fritilary.


Bjergene, Odsherred, Nordvestsjælland. d. 4 Maj 2008. Fotograf: Lars Andersen

Grassland; with Meadows and Moor. Grassland are areas where the vegetation is dominated by grasses and are grazed by horses, cows and sheep. Often the hilly terrain is not suitable for general farming. There may be a particularly rich flora and associated fauna. Grassland is under pressure from modern agriculture, is one of the most endangered nature in Europe.

Markperlemorsommerfugl,  Argynnis aglaja han. Bøtø diget, Falster d. 23 juni 2012. Fotograf; Lars AndersenStregbredpande, Thymelicus lineola. Mittlandsskogen, Öland, Sverige. 15 juli 2004. Fotograf: Lars AndersenEngblåfugl, Cyaniris semiargus han. Stigsåkra, Lund, Skåne. d.  20 juni 2009. Fotograf: Lars AndersenOkkergul Randøje, Coenonympha pamphilus. Veddinge bakker. d. 25 juli 2007. Fotograf: Lars Andersen

There are butterflies such as; Essex Skipper, Small Skipper, Large Skipper, Small White, Silver Studded Blue, Mazarine Blue, Amanda's Blue, Small Copper, Purple Edged Copper, Dark Green Fritillary, Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary, Glanville Fritillary, Meadow Brown and Small Heath.


Lokalitet for Fransk Bredpande, Pyrgus armoricanus. Røsnæs, Vestsjælland. d. 1 Maj 2011. Fotograf: Lars Andersen

Coastal Cliffs and Dunes; are constant soil errosion providing space for open-land and heat-demanding species that can tolerate salt concentrations and habitat sharing plant and insect communities in coastal grasslands found in southern Sweden and Denmark.

Gråbåndet Bredpande, Erynnis tages. Melby overdrev, d. 2  maj 2009. Fotograf: Lars AndersenSortbrun blåfugl, Aricia artaxerxes. Tornby Strand. 4 juli 2012. Fotograf: Lars AndersenKlitperlemorsommerfugl, Argynnis niobe hun. Fanø klitplantage, Fanø.  12 juli 2006. Fotograf: Lars AndersenSandrandøje, Hipparchia semele, Skagens klitplantage  d. 10 juli 2005. Fotograf: Lars Andersen

On the sandy coastal inclines in Denmark and Sweden can see butterflies fly far into October-November. There are butterflies such as; Dingy Skipper, Oberthur's Grizzled Skipper, Brown Argus, Mountain Argus, Sooty Copper, Small Copper, Niobe Fritillary, Queen of Spain Fritillary and Grayling.

Høvbleget på Møn, Danmark

Calcareous soils; Alkaline / alkaline soils. Are rich in calcium carbonate. (Limestone). A calcareous grasslands as Høvbleget on Moen in Denmark.

Fransk Bredpande, Pyrgus armoricanus han. Røsnæs, Vestsjælland. d. 1 Maj 2011. Fotograf: Lars AndersenSortplettet Blåfugl, Maculinea arion. Høvbleget d. 3 juli - 2011. Fotograf: Lars AndersenHvidrandet Blåfugl. Everöd Flyveplads, Skåne, Sverige. d. 16 juli 2007. Fotograf: Lars AndersenVejrandøje, Lasiommata megera han. Rørvig/Nykøbing S,  Vestsjælland. d. 7 august 2013. Fotograf: Lars Andersen

On calcareous hills and coastal plains of southern Sweden and Denmark, there are butterflies; Oberthur's Grizzled Skipper, Silver Spotted Skipper, Large Blue, Turquoise Blue, High Brown Fritillary, Glanville Fritillary, Wall Brown and Small Heath.


Hulsig Hede, Aalbækvej, indkørsel ved 30 km. Ca 1000 m inde, d. 3 juni 2012. Fotograf;  Lars Andersen

Heath; with Meadows and Moor. Is the man-made nature. Most often formed on degraded dry, acidic soil and is dominated by Heather, Bog Bilberry, Willow or similar semi-shrubs. On the moor there is moist hollows with ponds and bogs. In ruts seen that Gentian and Scabious as host plant for some fine butterflies. Heath was created for men in the run up to the Middle Ages deforested and has in Denmark long been a typical Jutland natural form, especially concentrated in this region meager soils in the northern and western areas.

Kommabredpande, Hesperia comma han i solskin. Skjernåen's udspring nord for Nørre Tinnet, Jylland, Danmark. d. 27 juli 2012. Fotograf; Lars AndersenEnsianblåfugl, Maculinea alcon han. Hummerödsmossen, Skåne, Sverige d. 9 juli - 2012. Fotograf: Lars AndersenArgusblåfugl, Plebejus argus han. Brandbjerg, Jægerspris skydeterræn d. 19 juni 2012. Fotograf; Lars AndersenHedepletvinge, Euphydryas aurinia. (Rottemburg, 1775). Hindbærvej på skydebane nord for Knasborg Å, Aalbæk d. 3 juni 2012. Fotograf;  Lars Andersen

There are butterflies such as; Silver Spotted Skipper, Swallowtail, Black Veined White, Alcon Blue, Idas Blue, Silver Studded Blue, Niobe Fritillary and Marsh Fritillary.


Kæruld (Eriophorum) i Rygaard mose d. 19 juni 2005. Fotograf: Lars Andersen

Damp Moorland; ind southern Skandinavia where the habitats are clothed in Cottongrass, Cranberry an Bog Bilberry.

 Mosehøsommerfugl, Colias palaeno. Abisko, Tornetrask sydbred, Sverige 6 juli 2007. Fotograf: Lars AndersenBølleblåfugl, Vacciniina optilete Holmegårds mose. d. 9 juni 2008. Fotograf: Lars AndersenMoseperlemorsommerfugl, Boloria aquilonaris han. Ryegaard. Hornsherred. Sjælland. d. 19 juni 2012. Fotograf: Lars AndersenMoserandøje, Coenonympha tullia. Holmegårds mose d. 11 juni 2007. Fotograf: Lars Andersen

There are butterflies such as; Moorland Clouded Yellow, Cranberry Blue, Green Hairstreak, Cranberry Fritillary & Large Heath.


Sydlig Småland d. 16 april 2011. Fotograf: Erni Boesen

Mixed deciduous forests; are found in the middle and eastern Sweden and Finland where there is a continental climate with sunny summer and cold winters. Some areas dominated by coniferous trees such as Fir and Pine, other deciduous trees such as Aspen, Hornbeam, Hazel, Rowan, Crab Apple, Birch, Willow and Oak.

Sortplettet bredpande, Carterocephalus silvicola hun. Storskov v. Søholt (Maribo), Lolland. 24 Maj 2009. Fotograf: Lars Andersen Kløverblåfugl, Glaucopsyche alexis han. Getå, Sverige. d. 20 maj 2011. Fotograf: Lars AndersenKirsebærtakvinge, Nymphalis polychloros. Småland, Sverige. d. 27 March 2012. Fotograf: Lars AndersenPoppelsommerfugl, Limenitis populi, han. Nybro, Småland, Sverige. d. 4 juli 2010. Fotograf: Lars Andersen

There are butterflies such as; Clouded Apollo, Chequered Skipper, Northern Chequered Skipper, Cryptic Wood White, Wood White, Holly Blue, Green-underside Blue, Reverdin's Blue, Scarce Copper, Silver Washed Fritillary, Pallas's Fritillary, High Brown Fritillary, Pearl-bordered Fritillary, Titania's Fritillary, Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary, Small Tortoiseshell, Camberwell Beauty, Large Tortoiseshell, Scarce Tortoiseshell, Comma, Scarce Fritillary, Heath Fritillary, Assmann's Fritillary, Poplar Admiral, Speckled Wood, Large Wall Brown, Woodland Brown and Arran Brown.


Engdrag med Hundepersille hvor Mnemosyne hanner patrujerer. Ronneby, Blekinge. d. 3 juni 2007. Fotograf: Lars Andersen

Modern Agriculture; In southern Scandinavia in Denmark, Norway and Sweden pressed butterflies of modern agriculture, forestry and urbanization.

Astragelblåfugl, Plebejus argyrognomon han. Småland. Sverige d. 10 juli 2010. Fotograf: Lars AndersenAskepletvinge,Euphydryas maturna. Munkhyttan, Sverige d. 19 juni 2007. Fotograf: Daniel DolfeVeronikanätfjäril, Melitaea britomartis. Fagersta, Västmanland, Sverige. d. 19 juni 2007. Fotograf: Daniel Dolfe

Here are several butterflies close to disappearing; Clouded Apollo, Reverdin's Blue, Pearl-bordered Fritillary, Scarce Fritillary, Assmann's Fritillary and Scarce Heath.


Lokalitet for Apollo, Parnassius apollo ssp. norvegica. Dalen, Aust-Auger, Norge. 9  juli 2013. Fotograf: Lars Andesen

Mountains and Rocky Coastlines which consists of granites, basalts, quartz-rich sandstone and limestone are common rock types that contain different specific minerals. Offer unique environment where there can be very hot in summer. Here are some butterflies that would otherwise be down to the Alps to see. This is particularly warm microclimate in summer on the southwest-facing mountains in Norway and Sweden rocky coastlines which contains an herbal rich flora.

Lokalitet for Apollo. Loftahammar, Småland, Sverige. d. 8 July 2010. Photographer; Lars Andersen

Archipelago; rocky coast found along the Norwegian and Swedish archipelago along the Kattegat and the Baltic Sea and the northern coast of the island. Consists of basic stone, or stone with lesser amount of alkaline minerals. On the west coast north of Göteborg can seashells spread by birds, make sour stone to good habitat of Beach Angelica, Orphan John, Hylotelephium telephium and White Stonecrop, Sedum alba.

Apollo, Parnassius apollo. Loftahammar, Småland, Sverige. d. 8 July 2010. Photographer; Lars AndersenSvalehale, Papilio machaon han. Amager Fælled. d. 16 juli 2011. Fotograf: Lars AndersenStenurtblåfugl, Scolitantides orion han. Getå, Sverige. d. 20 maj 2011. Fotograf: Lars Andersen

In the Norwegian and Swedish archipelago there are butterflies such as; Apollo, Swallowtail and Chequered Blue.


Lars Andersen ståer og kikker ud over Fossbuheia, Gjerstad, Telemarken, Norge d. 8 juli 2013. Fotograf: Tom Nygaard Kristensen

Mountains; in southern Norway and Sweden under treeline grow Pine, Fir, Birch, Aspen, Willow and Rowan. In the undergrowth are Heather, Cranberries, Blueberries, Cow-wheat, Alpine Mouse-ear, Orphan John, Wood Geranium, Ferns and Sheep's Fescue.

Chokoladebrun Blåfugl, Eumedonia eumedon ssp.: borealis. Dalen, Aust-Auger, Norge 9  Juli 2013. Fotograf: Lars AndersenSortbrun Blåfugl, Aricia artaxerxes ssp.: opheimi (Høegh-Guldberg,1966) han. Dalen, Aust-Auger, Norge 9  Juli 2013. Fotograf: Lars AndersenSortringet perlemorsommerfugl, Boloria eunomia (Esper,1799). Abisko Nationalpark syd for Torneträsk, Lapland, Sverige. 450 m.d. 24 juni 2007 Fotograf: Lars AndersenSkov-Bjergrandøje,  Erebia ligea. Åhus, Skåne, Sverige d. 14 juli 2013. fotograf; Lars Andersen

In forests up to the tree line in the southern mountains of Norway and Sweden, there are butterflies; Apollo, Silver Spotted Skipper, Wood White, Mountain Argus, Geranium Argus, Bog Fritillary, Heath Fritillary, Large Wall Brown, Arran Brown and Rock Grayling.


Lokalitet for Fjeldrandøje. Fagermø 1800 m.h. Bygdin med udsigt til Norges højeste bjerge, Glittertind og Galhøgpiggen. Jotunheimen. Norge. juli 1992. Fotograf: Lars Andersen

Mountains; in southern Norway and Sweden above the tree line grow Crowberry, Bog Bilberry, Roseroot, Pyramidal Saxifrage, Alpine Milkvetch, Rock Speedwell, Common Cinquefoil, various sedges and grasses as Alpine Meadow-grass.

Soløjebredpande, Pyrgus alveus. Kapelludden, Gotland, Sverige. d. 8 juli 2004. Fotograf: Daniel DolfeFjällvickerblåvinge, Abulina orbitulus. Bruksvallarna, Sverige. d. 3 juli 2007. Fotograf: Daniel Dolfe Fjeldperlemorsommerfugl, Boloria napaea. Gurttejohka / Lullehacorru Rr 272A, Jukkasjärvi. Tornetrask nordbred, Sverige 1 juli 2007. Fotograf: Lars AndersenFjeldrandøje, Erebia pandrose,. Kratersjön, Björkliden ved Torneträsk, Torne Lappmark, Nordsverige. d. 27 juni 2007. Fotograf: Lars Andersen

In the southern mountains above the tree line in Norway and Sweden, there are butterflies; Large Grizzled Skipper, Alpine Argus, Mountain Fritillary and Dewy Ringlet.


Nåleskov med mose, Aust-Auger, Norge. 10  juli 2013. Fotograf: Lars Andesen

Coniferous forests, Meadows and Swamps; are part of the Taiga stretches circumpolar from Siberia over to Canada is characterized by continental climate with hot summer and extreme cold in winter. To the south, in the mixed part deciduous forest such as Pine, Fir, Birch, Willow and Rowan. In forest clearings, moors and heaths grow Globe Flower, Monkshood, Violet, Heather, Cranberry, Bilberry, Cowberry, Bog Rosemary, Wintergreen, Cloudberry, Lady Mantle, Wood Cranesbill, Marsh Tea, Twinflower, Cotton Grass and various Sedges and Grasses.

Gulplettet Bredpande, Carterocephalus palaemon. Tanumshede, Bohuslån. Sverige. 12 juni 2007. Fotograf: Daniel DolfeLeptidea sinapis hun. Bäckebo, Småland, Sverige. d. 21 Maj 2011. Fotograf: Lars AndersenBlå ildfugl, Lycaena helle. Östersund, Sverige. Juni 2005. Fotograf: Daniel DolfeJutta, Oeneis Jutta. Smalmossen, Sverige 18 juni 2006. Fotograf: Daniel Dolfe

There are butterflies such as; Swallowtail, Northern Grizzled Skipper, Chequered Skipper, Wood White, Silvery Argus, Violet Copper, Frigga's Fritillary, Camberwell Beauty, Northern Wall Brown and Baltic Grayling.


Lokalitet for Arktisk høsommerfugl, Ringet perlemorsommerfugl, Mosebølle perlemorsommerfugl, Polarpletvinge og Fjeldrandøje. Abisko, Torneträsk, Sverige. d. 25 juni 2007. Fotograf: Lars Andersen

Multebær-bredpande, Pyrgus centaureae. Paddu, Abisko d. 29 Juni 2008. Fotograf: Lars AndersenFreija perlemorsommerfugl, Clossiana freija (Thunberg,1791). Nuojla, 1000 m.h. Abisko Nationalpark syd for Torneträsk, Lapland, Sverige. 6 juli 2007 Fotograf: Lars AndersenFriggas pärlemorfjäril, Boloria frigga. Smalmossen, Fagersta, Dalarna, Sverige. d. 7 juni 2007. Fotograf: Daniel DolfeGulringad gräsfjäril, Erebia embla. Jukkasjärvi, Sverige. d. 23 juni 2005. Fotograf: Daniel Dolfe

Damp Moorland; ind northern Skandinavia where the habitats are often clothed with Cottongrass, Marsh Tea and Cloudberry. There are butterflies such as; Moorland Clouded Yellow, Cranberry Blue, Freija's Fritillary, Bog Fritillary, Frigga's Fritillary, Cranberry Fritillary, Lapland Ringlet & Large Heath.


Lokalitet for Bjergperlemorsommerfugl, Boloria thore. Djupviken, Lappland. d. 7 Juli 2008. Fotograf: Lars Andersen

Birch Forest; below the tree line in the middle and northern mountains of Sweden and Norway as the continental climate. In the undergrowth says Ferns, Globe Flower, Wood Cranesbill, Cow Parsley, Red Campion and Mountain Pansy.

 Hedblåvinge, Plebejus idas lapponicus, (Gerhard,1853) han på Isvedel (Astragalus frigidus (L.) A. Gray). Abisko, Sverige 3 juli 2007. Fotograf: Lars AndersenRødlig perlemorsommerfugl, Boloria euphrosyne lapponica (Esper,1794). Pålnovik nord for Torneträsk, Lappland, Sverige. 360 m. d. 1 juli 2007. Fotograf: Lars AndersenBjergperlemorsommerfugl, Clossiana thore boralis (Hubner,1803). Sidder på en Dagpragtstjerne. Pålnovik nord for Torneträsk, Lappland, Sverige. 360 m. d. 2 juli 2007. Fotograf: Lars AndersenDisas gräsfjäril, Erebia disa. Rautas, Sverige. d. 19 Juni 2005. Fotograf: Daniel Dolfe

Which includes butterflies such as; Idas Blue, Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary, Pearl-bordered Fritillary, Thore's Fritillary, Camberwell Beauty and Arctic Ringlet.


Renvaktarstugan, Bihppas, Sapmi/Lappland, Norge. d. 6 juli 2008. fotograf: Lars Andersen

Arctic; tundra climate zone extending from Scandinavia, Siberia across the North America to Greenland. In the tundra there are no trees, only small low willow and birch, as well as various low heather plants and grass. Often several of these butterflies on the tundra with 2-year life cycle.

Lokalitet for Arktisk Høsommerfugl, Colias hecla. Gurttejohka / Lullehacorru Rr 272A, Jukkasjärvi. Tornetrask nordbred, Sverige. d. 30 juni 2007. Fotograf: Sif Larsen

Mountains; of northern Scandinavia is dominated by mountain heath and tundra in arid regions from 600 meters above sea level to 1700 m Are the eternal snow on the north side. In the south and southwest side, where the snow is gone in the summer grow Dwarf Willow, Alpine Bistort, Alpine Milk-vetch, Mountain Avens, Velvet Bells, Diapensia, Purple Saxifrage, Alpine Bearberry, Crowberry, Arctic Bell-heather, Common Cinquefoil, Moss Campion and various sedges and grasses as Alpine Meadow-grass.

Fjeldhøsommerfugl, Colias werdandi (nastes). Abisko, Tornetrask sydbred, Sverige 25 juni 2007. Fotograf: Lars AndersenPolarperlemorsommerfugl, Boloria polaris. Bihppas, Sapmi/Lappland, Sverige. d. 3 juli 2008. fotograf: Lars AndersenPolarpletvinge, Hypodryas iduna han. Gurttejohka / Lullehacorru Rr 272A, Jukkasjärvi. Tornetrask nordbred, Sverige 4 juli 2008. Fotograf: Lars AndersenNorna, Oeneis norna, (Thunberg,1791). Gurttejohka / Lullehacorru Rr 272A, Jukkasjärvi. Tornetrask nordbred, Sverige 4 juli 2008. Fotograf: Lars Andersen

Tundra above the tree line there are butterflies such as; Pale Arctic Clouded Yellow, Polar Fritillary, Freija's Fritillary, Lappland Fritillary, Norse Grayling and Arctic Grayling.

Fjeldbredpande, Pyrgus andromedae. Bihppas, Sapmi/Lappland, Sverige. d. 2 juli 2008. fotograf: Lars AndersenArktisk Høsommerfugl, Colias hecla. Gurttejohka / Lullehacorru Rr 272A, Jukkasjärvi. Tornetrask nordbred, Sverige 1 juli 2007. Fotograf: Lars AndersenSkiferblåfugl, Agriades. Kratersjön, Sverige 27 juni 2007. Fotograf: Lars AndersenDvärgpärlefjäril, Clossiana improba på Fjällgröna/Fjeldpryd, Diapensia lapponica. Nuojla/Abisko d. 5 juli 2007. Fotograf: Lars Andersen

Mountains above the tree line in northern Norway and Sweden there are butterflies such as; Alpine Grizzled Skipper, Arctic Clouded Yellow, Arctic Blue, Mountain Fritillary, Arctic Fritillary, Dusky-winged Fritillary and Dewy Ringlet.


Pinseskoven, Vestamager, Danmark d. 26 Juli 2013. Fotograf: Lars Andersen

Warmer Climate; in Scandinavia for the last 20 years has caused butterflies to move north. Butterflies have their southern border of their distribution in Denmark and northern Germany are disappearing as Large Heath. And while seeing the Scandinavian mountains and arctic the climate warms and there with pressed butterflies to the north and up in height.

Sort Ildfugl, Lycaena tityrus. han. Bøtø Plantage. Falster d. 6 august 2007. Fotograf: Lars Andersen Østlig Takvinge, Nymphalis xanthomelas. Pinseskoven d. 14 marts 2014. Fotograf; Lars AndersenIlia, Apatura ilia han. Pinseskoven, Vestamager, Danmark d. 13/7 2013. Fotograf: Lars AndersenSpejlbredpande, Heteropterus morpheus hun. d. 19 juli 2011 på Falster. Fotograf: Tubas Løkkegaard

And there is in southern Denmark, Sweden and Finland immigrated butterflies from the Baltic States, Poland and Germany that can settle and form populations in longer or shorter time as; Large Chequered Skipper, Brown Argus, Sooty Copper, Weaver's Fritillary, Map Butterfly, Scarce Tortoiseshell, Purple Emperor, Lesser Purple Emperor and Speckled Wood.



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